Workshops with Oleg Zabelin & Radmila Aitova

12.00-13.30 Workshop with Oleg Zabelin
Firs Flight (Level Intermediate)
it’s all about flights around the pole from the beginning, first steps, and how to get stronger and fight with any fears!

14.00-15.30 Workshop with Radmila Aitova
Body Ballet Gymnastics (all Level)
– it’s all about beautiful lines, strong and clever legs, beautiful point feet, elegance and femininity

Price 60.00 1 Workshop


Acro Yoga Workshop mit Thomas Arta

Level: all Level

AcroYoga is a practice of joy, connection and possibility. Expect a unique combination of yoga, playful partner flying and moments of therapeutic release. No need to be a gymnast of bendy yogi – if you have a body, you are ready!

In this workshop we will explore the foundations of the practice in a safe, fun and progressive way. Come explore your potential! No experience or partner required.

Thomas Arta:
Thomas Arta enjoys creating safe spaces for students to explore their limitless potential in fun and joyful ways. A passionate student of yogic, acrobatic and movement practices, he brings a playful and detailed approach to learning with the goal of authentic freedom for body, mind and heart.

Price: 65.00 CHF


Star Workshop with Laura Lou

11.00-12.30 Feel your Body ( Open to all Level)

This workshop is all about how stunning you can be. Release you inner godess and learn how to create beautiful lines with your body and make floorwork look sensual and slinky. Everything will be packed in a mesmerizing choreography where we connect our body with our soul and lose ourselves in dance.
Bring Kneepads and pole shoes
(shoes are not required but recommended)

13.00-14.30 Beautiful spin ( Intermediate )
Do you ever wanted to learn how to suspend beautiful shapes in spinning pole? Then this workshop is perfect for you. I will tell you all my secrets how to control the centrifugal force and use it as your own benefit to create wunderful transitions and lines. At the end we will do a little choreography where you can apply all your learned techniques.

Biography Laura Lou

Laura Lou is a Poledancer from Switzerland with a background of artistic gymnastics. She started Pole Dance in 2011 and became a teacher after 2 years. She competed international and discovered her love for exotic pole dance when she went to Dance Filthy in Sydney. One year later in 2015 she opened her own Studio, the Pole Academy. Inspired by fluid russian exotic dancers, she started to do her own thing. Today she’s known for her hypnotic pole style which is very elegant and mesmerizing too; ready to dance with girls from all around the world.
As a part of Paradise Chick and Sparkle Heels as an ambassador her Pole Passion is completed.

2nd Place Exotic Action 2016, Pro
2nd Place Pole Theatre Switzerland 2017, Pro Classique

Preis : 1 Workshop 55.00
2 Workshops 100.00

Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch